“A wise man scales the city walls of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust” (PV 21:22)

To scale the walls of a city is a form of spiritual warfare. You place the ladder of the Word of God on the wall, climb on it and enter the stronghold from above. This is the city of the devil, who is a thief and a liar. He has captured the souls of men. Many foolish men are his victims. The devil deceives himself that his victory is eternal. That is a lie! His army is able to fight back against foolish adventurers. But no devil is able to win against the wise children of God who trust Him with all their heart.

You need to learn and practice the spiritual art of intercession. It is not just theory. It is a holy activity lead and empowered by the Spirit. It is a passion that is rooted in true love for God and for the souls of men.

You already know that somebody you love is in bondage, unable to move, to make progress and even to breathe. You feel compassion but you wonder if you can help. Pity without action will end in frustration. In Christ, you have all that you need to be a champion, to win any battle that will glorify The Lord. Do not ‘play safe’! That is the game of the coward, the loser. If Jesus played it safe, no man will go to heaven. Do what The Lord did. The same Jesus who went down from heaven to earth, is the same who, after finishing His work, went back to heaven as the King of kings. Pray for understanding, for wisdom, for strength to do God’s will in your particular situation. Learn the dance of the angels, going up and down, on the ladder Jacob saw in the desert of life. Do not run on earth from left to right, like an hunted terrified antelope, a restless soul with no address. But go up and down the ladder touching heaven, serving God and saving the souls of men. That is what champions do!

Wisdom means to apply the scriptures in practical life. Read and meditate on the Word of God. Then apply them! Armed with faith in the promises of God, boldly attack the stronghold of the devil. There are many victims in that hunted city waiting to hear the sound of victory. Fear not, for God is with you! You shall enter in the territory of the evil one, and he shall retreat. For the devil cannot resist the name of Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit on you!

Have you seen the video clip showing the prisoners at the end of the Second World War? They looked dry like bones. Many of their mates died. But when the victorious army entered the dirty death-smelling prison camp, the survivors came out from their cells, and the chains fell of their ankles. Keep hope alive so that you share with the hopeless! Trust God 100%! Jesus Christ is the Savior of men! He died that men may live! Enroll in His army that knows no defeat. He who thru intercession saves the souls of men is wise and shall be rewarded by the Captain of our salvation! These things are true. I practice them. I see results. As you cannot hide evil things forever, so good things done for the glory of God cannot remain under a bushel for a long time.

Are you hearing the sound of victory? I do! Let the true champions come forth! Let your light shine, for this is your destiny! All to the glory of God! In Jesus name, amen!

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