“Do not fear what they fear and do not dread it.
The Lord Almighty is the One you are to regard as holy,
He is the one you are to fear,
He is the one you are to dread” (Is 8:12, 13)

The walk of faith is peculiar to the born again believer. There is some anxiety connected with it. For example, when we came here to buy the ACs for the church, it was not an easy trip. You can’t call it a relaxing vacation. The reason is that we cannot afford to make any mistakes. The money belongs to God. The sanctuary belongs to a God. The ACs are not toys; they are big expensive things. We are not engineers. We needed to depend on the Holy Spirit all the way: Where to go, what to buy, how much to spend… We are not in charge. God is! This anxiety (or fear) based on faith and prayer is healthy. It just stretches us to trust God for miracles, for greater things, much more than we could have planed by our power. This fear is good!

Then there is another type of fear. It is of the world, of the flesh. It is the fear men experience when they plan things by themselves hoping that God will approve of them. It is the fear when men go ahead to provide for themselves, using their own power or wisdom. They assume that they are in charge. This worldly fear comes when walking by sight and not by faith. This anxiety is toxic and poisonous. It ends in depression, high blood pressure and other diseases. This fear is bad!

So you see, you cannot live this life on earth completely free from anxiety. The question is this: what type of fear is your companion? The fear of The Lord, the desire to please Him? That is the only clean pure and healthy fear. All the rest, you should reject them thru prayer. ‘For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power love and sound mind’ (2Tim 1:7).

This is our testimony: we walk by faith! By the grace of God we bought the best ACs in the market at the lowest price in the market. This can only be God! Please, give God all the glory!

In Christ I declare:
I fear God! I fear to grieve the Holy Spirit!
I desire to please God! I love God!
I fear no devils, men or circumstances!
I am free!
In Jesus name

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