“For Your love is better than wine” (SS 1:2)

Today is my birthday. The greatest feeling I woke up with this morning is gratefulness. God is good to me, to my family, natural and spiritual. God has completely changed my identity as a person. I once was blind but now I see…not just see, but daily behold the beauty of my Lord. I once was a weak willed silly woman pretending to be wise, but now I have the very mind of Christ, to think after His thoughts, to fellowship with His Spirit. I can’t count my years on earth for eternity has swallowed that number.

In Hebrew, the word ‘love’ in the scripture above is plural. It is better translated like this: “Your LOVES are better than wine”…better than any earthly joy, better than any earthly passion known by men in this world. There is comforting love, sustaining love, encouraging love, directing love, embracing love, healing love, forgiving love, and redeeming love… Love poured out from Calvary to us…nothing equals it…eternally ours…

“Lord, I am grateful…”

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