‘The wise woman builds her house” (PV 14:1).
We have just ended our women’ fellowship in the church. It was very good. We praised God and prayed. We shared testimonies of God’s power and goodness. I preached from Proverbs 31, what it means to be a virtuous woman of God. We then prayed for God to help us fulfill destiny.

I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a pastor. I counsel many women who have different problems. I pray with them. I rejoice when they rejoice and I feel sad when they weep. But to all I say this: trust God and not man! Trust God and not yourself, not your intelligence or beauty. Examine your faith! Be sure that you are born again and Spirit filled! That is the sure foundation for true eternal success, if you are single or married. If you are just religious, you shall be disappointed in God, for He will not give you the same attention as He gives to His children. The hope and joy of your marriage depends on your spiritual standing. Lust is a sandy foundation and the building will surely collapse one day. No prayer can save such a house. But true love never fails. Future trials, sickness, health, riches, poverty or the test of time, all these and more shall not be able to destroy true love and true faith. Be a wise woman! Be a virtuous woman! Be a woman of God indeed! Let men see only Christ in you!

May these words stir revive your spirit! May these words draw you towards God, to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth! May these words ignite in you a desire to have a godly marriage and a blessed home! In Jesus name, amen!


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