“Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God. Selah.

But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head” (Ps 3:2, 3)

This is a Psalm of David, written at the lowest time on his life. His son Absalom rebels against him and takes over the kingdom. To protect Jerusalem from bloodshed, David makes the hasty decision to abandon the city and the palace. He runs away with some few faithful people. This is an unexpected time of pain, when his enemies have ‘increased’. A man prepares himself for battle from outside enemies, but when betrayal happens from inside, it is always unexpected and most painful.

This is the story: Absalom has ‘stolen the hearts of the people of Israel’ (1 Sam 15:6). Almost everybody followed the handsome, young and flashy Absalom. Most people decamped and joined the rebellion. It was now fashionable to be rebellious. Faithfulness became a thing of the past. Who needed David on the throne, an old grey haired king, bent over and with rheumatic pains? Two generations now claim the crown? Who shall win? Who knows the future? It is only God who knows it and He is yet to reveal the winner.

The enemy is confident that ‘there is no help for Him in God’. The word translated ‘help’ is ‘Joshua’. The devil says that Jesus has abandoned David. Ca that be possible? Can Jesus help a loser? Can Jesus help old King David? The answer is yes, He can and He will! For God is the covenant-keeping God, the faithful God! Please observe what a true worshiper does. Lear from David! Selah! In the midst of this terrible trial, David draws closer to God. He remembers that God is his God! He knows that God is the Best he has, the Glory, the Shield and the Lifter of his head. God has promoted him from shepherd to king. That same God is able to keep him on the throne until he dies. No man can demote him. Outside his beautiful palace, David now sleeps now outside, on the rocky ground. But God sustains him and he sleeps well. Supernaturally, he is free from all fears. He does not know the end of the story, but one thing he knows: he is not alone! God is with him in all circumstances of life.

At last, Absalom’s rebellion is quenched. The evil prince is dead. The teeth of the ungodly, of the wicked and evil men are broken. The viper has no more teeth and no more poison. It is crushed unto the feet of the winner. God always destroys rebellion!  Someone gave this good advice: ‘Do not use your trials as a microscope, to look closer at yourself. But use your trials as a telescope, to gaze at God’. This is the conclusion of the matter: God can never lose any battle. If you are a child of God, you too can never lose! Let me make it more personal: I really pity my enemies. They can never win against me! For God is with me! If this is the only thing I know from my Bible, then I know my Bible well!

Be encouraged child of God! God is greater than your trials, pains, disappointments, sickness, barrenness, poverty, rejection and all!  The number of the enemies is not important. ‘One with God is in majority’- said Mary Slessor, a missionary to Nigeria. God will not always prevent trials, but He will deliver you from them all! Have faith! God has the last say in all human affairs. God will help you at the break of the day! The story is not over! No man can demote the one who God promotes! If God has opened a door for you, no man or devil can shut it! Put all your trust in God, for there is still hope! May the Lifter of your head speak at this hour on your behalf! For His glory and honor! In Jesus name, amen!


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