“The wise woman builds her house…” (PV 14:1)

Since I got saved, my strong desire is to be a woman of God, a godly wife, mother and grandmother. I am ready to pay the price to obtain this crown of glory. These are few of the wisdom pearls I found, as I dive daily in the ocean of God’s Eternal Word.

A wise wife will help her husband to cleave to her. She is sensitive about the unity of the Spirit and she fights anything that breeches it. She prays and yields her body to achieve total sexual compatibility and marriage fulfillment. She cooperates with her husband’s desire for sexual intimacy. Her bed is ‘a holy ground’, a pure gift from God, totally fenced against the outside world. The wise woman has her priorities right. Her relationship with God is always first. She pays the price for a quality time to study God‘s Word and to pray. She seeks God’s will for her life and diligently goes ahead fulfilling it. Her second priority is her marriage. She knows that it is God’s gift and ministry to her. She prays for her husband. She encourages him to fulfill his destiny too. She helps him in all areas where help is needed. She is a good listener, she loves him, forgives him, challenges him and she makes him laugh. Next to Jesus, she is his best friend.

The third priority is her children. She knows that they are entrusted to them by God. She reads the Bible to them even when they are babes. She prays with them and for them. She preaches to them until they discover the reality of God for themselves. She encourages them to serve God. She brings them to church. When they become adults she joyfully releases them into the hands of God and becomes their spiritual mentor for the remaining days of her life. Lastly, just like the wise virgins, she is a woman who intimately knows the third Person of the Trinity. She is filled and lead by the Holy Spirit. She is not afraid of the future for her store is filled with the oil of the Spirit of life. As her light continue to shine before her family, the darkness of this world is defeated. She makes spiritual progress and she is quietly confident of her eternal reward from God.
“A woman who fears the Lord shall be praised!” (PV31:30).


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