“A woman who fears the Lord shall be praised!” (PV31:30)

As a girl, I always dreamed to be happily married. For me, prostitution or marriage for money was the worst nightmare. I pitied the women who wasted their lives, who never knew true love. After I became born again, my dreams came true at all levels. As a young (and unbelieving) bride, I loved my husband with all my heart (that should be about 42 years ago). But I lacked the power to make my love eternal, to give it spiritual value. Christ did that for me, for us… It is still a great passion for me to be a woman of God. I now have the privilege to mentor younger ones. I still pray for revival, for the strength to love my family (natural and spiritual) as Christ loves the church. Over the years I discovered many treasures in the Bible, how to fulfill my dreams as a wife, mother and now as a grandmother. The following I gladly share with you:

The wise woman is first of all a spiritual blessing to her family. She fulfills this ministry by being a student and a doer of the Word of God. Wisdom is the skill to apply the knowledge of the Word of God in daily living. The wise woman is a practical Christian. She has visible fruits of her commitment to God. She is totally surrendered to God. She is a woman of prayer. She loves God, her family and God’s house. She faithfully attends her local church activities and pays the price for ministry. Her children know without any shadow of doubt, that mummy loves to go to church and pray.

She is a humble and a virtuous woman who has gained her husband’s total trust. That is a great achievement! She is modest in her choice of clothes, rejecting any appearance of evil. She is confident of the power and beauty of holiness. Her spirit is quiet and humble but also free and adventurous in the safe perfect path of God. She is a grateful woman, full of thanksgiving to God, for all the gifts and blessings, for her marriage and for her family. She is industrious and confident that God has blessed the work of her hands. She makes profit from her trade and she invests in new opportunities. Her business expands. She works a little and she makes great profit for God leads her in all her decisions.

The fruit of the Holy Spirit is manifesting in her. She combines them all: love and self-control, patience and joy and kindness… Her speech reveals the content of her heart. On her tongue there is the law of kindness and grace. She speaks the Word of God to her husband, prays and prophesies over him. She chooses her words. She is wise with the timing, when to speak and when to keep silent. She makes the preaching of the Gospel attractive to her family so that they never feel bored when listening to her.

One of her greatest achievements in life is to be happily married. Not for a show, not to impress others, but really happily married, inside out, day and night, in sickness and health… A happily married couple is a proof that, with the help of God, you can live a life of fulfilment on earth. Fruitfulness promised can be achieved! A godly happy couple is God’s masterpiece. They are a picture of the eternal holy and romantic love story between Christ and His church. O, how I love Jesus, for He first loved me…

This is my prayer:

May you be such a woman!

May you be such a couple!

In Jesus name,



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