“But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive” (Gen 50:20)

The story of Joseph in the Old Testament is one of my all times favorites. If I feel somehow low, I read it again and each time God speaks to me thru it. You know the story… I will not repeat it again. One thing that stroke me recently it is how much God was in charge of everything that was happening with Joseph. This is called the doctrine of the providence of God. It is defined as God guiding and sustaining all human beings on earth, in charge of their destinies. This is actively done by God, if men acknowledge and pray to Him or not.

The scripture above is what Joseph told his brothers, after they reconciled at last. He tells them that all the while it was God working behind the scenes. They ‘meant’ it for evil but God ‘meant’ it for good. God is the only Person who can change evil into good. We read these words and stand in awe… God ‘meant it’? It means that the story of Joseph, his pains and his gains were not a product of chance. No! God ‘meant it’ to be so! In Hebrew, this word means to think, to plot, to plan something and to weave it in the fabric of life. It means to imagine, to purpose, to conceive and invent. The purpose of God was to highly bless Joseph and to make him the savior of his family. Out of this family Christ came later. This family had to be saved! The word God here is Elohim. This is God’s name as it appears in Genesis, the Creator; the One who makes something out of nothing. The conclusion is that Elohim imagines and creates all men for His glory and pleasure!

Dear Child of God, relax and worship God!  One thing is clear: you are not the product of accident! Even if you do not know you parents, even if you are sick or troubled… Your pains, successes and failures shall one day have a meaning! These shall be revealed to be part of a bigger whole, like a rainbow after the rain, on the sky, weaved on into a tapestry of original beauty only God can do! One day all things about you shall make sense! God’s sense! For His glory alone!  Why don’t you start praising God right now?


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