A 60 years old man asked us to pray for him. He has just been diagnosed with cancer of the kidney, which has spread to other organs. He lives in England. The doctors do not give him much hope. They will administer chemotherapy to him. That is all that they can do for him.

He said that he is born again. my husband and I prayed for him. We encouraged him to put all his trust in God. We told him that here in Nigeria, the hospitals are not well equipped so the patients pray and trust God more than in Europe. We told him that God is the same everywhere. We reminded him that there is nothing God cannot do. He promised to pray every day for a miracle. Thank you for praying for him too. God bless you dear intercessors. In Jesus name, amen!

“By His (Jesus) wounds you have been healed.” (1Pet 2:24)


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