We have just ended our women’s fellowship. We praised God for who He is. We shared testimonies of His love and faithfulness. This is our confession: God is good to us and our families. The Word came with anointing and power. It was about deception. We heard about how the Gibeonites deceived the people of God. This is a very interesting subject. Humanly speaking, as women, we are more prone to deception than the men (1Tim 2:14, 15). We prayed for ourselves and for one another. We did warfare against all lying deceptive evil spirits. The meeting was blessed by God’s presence. To God be all the glory!

“Then Joshua called for them, and he spoke to them, saying, “Why have you deceived us…” (Joshua 9)

The story how the Gibeonites deceived the Children of Israel is not just Jewish history. There are many great lessons for us in it. The story is found in the Book of Joshua Chapter 9. At the end of the previous chapter, we see Joshua leading the people in a spiritual revival. He challenges them to come back to God, to commit afresh to be obedient to His Word. He builds an altar to God, just the way Moses instructed him. He reads aloud the Word of God in the presence of all; men, women, children and even the foreigners living among the Jews. Immediately after this event, they are attacked by the Canaanites. This is a good lesson: when we renew our commitment to God, satan will attack. In times of revival, we need to watch, pray and be prepared to resist the devil! Selah!

The attack came in two ways: A group of Canaanite kings gather together to plan and to openly war against the people of God. We ask ourselves: why did they wait so long before preparing to fight them? It is possible that they still did not believe that the Jews will win all battles and enter the Promised Land. Here we see that the enemy is slow to prepare a defense. This is the effect of the grace of God upon His people.

The second form of attack is thru deception. This is a more subtle form of warfare and more difficult to detect. Gibeon was the next city to be conquered by the people of God. After seeing the fall of Jericho and Ai, the Gibeonites knew that they have no chance to win against the Jews. They did not join the other kings in an open war against Israel. They decided to play a trick, to deceive them into friendship so that they can save their lives. They dressed up with dirty rags and carried dry bread in their sacks. This was done to convince the Jews that they come from a very far land. Joshua and the leaders of Israel were totally deceived. They tasted from their provisions without ‘inquiring’ of God. By eating what was offered, they entered into a covenant of friendship with the Gibeonites. Three days later, when it was discovered that Gibeon was just the next town to be conquered, the Jews could not revoke the covenant made. The people of God became angry that their leaders were deceived. Joshua judged the deceivers. The punishment given to the Gibeonites is that they will forever be slaves to the Jews in general and to the priests in particular. Their work will be to carry water and wood for the temple of God.


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