“For we live by faith, not by sight” (2Cor 5:7)
When preaching about living by faith and not by sight, the example of the Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert of Africa is a very god example. They really live ‘like the birds’. They do not farm or store their food. They hunt animals or gather fruits to eat. They live in temporary shelters and are ready to move on any day. They usually possess only what they can carry. The only concession most Bushmen have made to the modern era is wearing clothes. The desert is a very harsh environment. For a stranger, there is no food available. They are very good in reading ‘the signs of the times’. They know much about animals and how to hunt them. They use poisonous bow and arrows. They cook or fry the meat in the fire. They are very artistic. They draw in the caves scenes of their daily life. Most of them are pagans. They need faith daily to survive.
They do not look good to our ‘civilized’ eyes. They do not look like they can teach us anything. Is there any lesson?
What is the lesson? If we as Christians have such faith, we shall never complain about any hardship. We shall trust God daily for our daily bread and make much progress in life.
“Dear Lord, increase our faith! In Jesus name we pray, amen!”


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