The prayer meeting was wonderful. We praised God and prayed. Led by the Holy Spirit we did something special and holy today. There is a young brother in our church who just lost his mother. He was supposed to marry since last year but he did not have a job. Finally the opportunity came early this year. The wedding was to be in July. But something sad happened: his mother had car accident and drowned in the river. She was buried yesterday. The brother came to the prayer meeting this evening. He was standing alone at the back of the sanctuary. I saw him there and called him to the altar. We prayed for him. He prayed and prophesied for himself. Then by faith, the married men ‘adopted’ him and promised to help him in every way possible, spiritually, emotionally and financially so that the wedding can still hold in July. We declared that all help giving to this wounded soldier shall be counted as credit in our heavenly account. The married made a circle around him and embraced him praying, in a way only men of God can do. His ashes became beauty by the power of the Holy Spirit. Than You Lord Jesus!

Then the Word came:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil, which while some coveted after, they have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows” (1Tim 6:10)
This is a warning to the believers! The devil wants to pin you down! In Greek, the sentence ‘love of money’ means greed, avarice or covetousness. Avarice is defined as an excessive, selfish and unsatisfied desire for wealth or material gain.   This love of money is ‘the root’ and not ‘a root’ of evil. The word ‘evil’ means something bad, wicked, worthless; able to injure or to cause sickness. To be worthless it means to have no value, no effect, to be useless, unable to serve of help. This love of money is a great deception for with all that wealth on earth, you are left poor and sick, without helper or comfort. This love of money is able to make you ‘wander from the faith’. The word means to be seduced, to be lead astray from truth, faith and safety. This is a dangerous downhill fall. The danger is to ‘be pierced with many griefs’. The word ‘pierce’ means to penetrate entirely, to transfix. It means to impale and hold motionless. To impale it means to pierce with a pointed weapon; to torture, to fix in an inescapable and helpless condition (like insects with a needle in an insectarium).

The picture is that of a man, walking on a safe and happy road. Suddenly he goes aside to pluck a poisonous plant that has thorns on its body. He only sees the beauty of that flower. He is unaware of the poisonous thorns that will torment him a life time and make him incurable sick.  The word ‘hasten’ means to flow like water, fast, reckless and dangerous, like a car without breaks going downhill.  He will suffer and die by the road side, seeing others happily moving on. The griefs are the bitter regrets and pangs of conscience that cannot stop until death comes. What a tragic picture… “Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another (god)” (Ps 16:4)

Father God we repent of all forms of idolatry, greed, avarice, covetousness, ungratefulness, wickedness and selfish ambitions. We chose to worship You alone! We are grateful for Your Provision! In Christ we declare that You are our God! You are our Portion in the Land of the living! You are our Reward!  In Jesus name, amen!

(in the picture you see a butterfly impaled on a pin)buterfly on a pin

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