Today, as always I remember my mother. She is almost 90 years old now. She lives with my sister in Romania. I remember many wonderful things about Professor Albai Domnica, my mother. I give all the glory to God for choosing her to be my mother!

She and my dad were our teachers in the primary school. She was very strict with me and my sister. She was a disciplinarian. We did not always like that, but she did it out of love. She never deceived herself or others. Lies were forbidden in our house. She thought us the value of truth spoken in love. She confronted the issues at the root so in our house there was no long time unsolved problem. She prepared me to be strong and independent. She forced me to mature early on. For example, she thought me how to read and write from the age of 4 or 5. By the time I went to the regular classes in primary school, I was almost bored. To avoid idleness, she gave me an assignment: to listen well to my class mates, to know who makes progress and who does not. At home she gave me to score the papers for the whole class. She said that I should not tell anyone, that I am helping her. In the class she will rebuke me like all the others. For four years, I was an assistant teacher to her without anyone knowing. I learned to work the extra mile without complaining and without boasting of my privileges. She trained me to be a strong, fearless, compassionate and wise leader, just the way she was to many children in the school. She was a very wise woman, truly investing in my future. Now as a missionary pastor I so appreciate her labor of love in my life! God used her to prepare me for a challenging life in Africa, far away from home.

Before my father died, both of them became believers in Christ. She now reads the Bible and prays daily. She is a happy woman, enjoying her latter years in peace. So, this is my praise report: God is good and faithful to me and my family! To God be all the glory!

Mami si eu

Happy Mother’s day, Mami!


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