“And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there” (Mt 14:23)

It is my passionate desire to be like Jesus, to pray like my Lord! Here we see one of His ‘secrets’. He was at the end of a long successful day. Thousands were fed and satisfied. It was evening time…

Now this is a good question: What do we do at the end of a successful ‘business’ day?  Most of us we go to rest, to sleep. Please observe what our Lord does: He goes away alone to pray! To pray!!! He cannot sleep until His Father knows all about the day. He has to share the excitement of His success with His Father. Both of them must rejoice together.

The next thing, in the middle of the night, Jesus walks on the water to help His disciples. This is another ‘success story’. Again, must of us we only pray when we are in trouble. But Jesus prays also in times of success, when ‘things work as planned’. Selah!

Please observe that in between the two ‘slices’ of success, Jesus butters them with prayer. He prays before and He prays after each success. The holy heavenly sandwich Jesus is introducing to us is made of <Success-Prayer-Success> He spices it with worship and love overflow!

In other words, prayer is the key of all true success in life! So simple and so profound! This is really a wonderful lesson to imitate for all of us. I just made up my mind to pray more often! Just gazing at Jesus, my faith has increased! “Thank You Lord for being such a wonderful Teacher to us, Your children!”

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