Two days ago God bless us with the first mall in Warri, Nigeria. It is called ShopRite. The owner is from South Africa. But to me, it is a gift from heaven. I live in Nigeria since March 1980. I have not seen strawberries or plums with my eyes in Warri, the city where we live. I can only eat them when we travel abroad. But now, these are in a Warri. I was waiting for the crowds to get less before going there myself. A wonderful sister in Christ went there and brought me these fruits. To you, it may not be special, but to me it is. I could not believe my eyes. I can’t even eat them, I am so excited.
Many years ago we prayed (I mean really prayed) that our troubled city will change. That there shall be revival of the Holy Spirit. And also clean streets, with lights, and parks and malls. God has answered and now we have a mall. The rest will surely follow. I give God all the glory for His wonderful care for His children!

In the picture you see my gift…God bless you sister…



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