When the children are grown and leave the home, any sweet memory of them is sweeter, it becomes a treasure. This evening I remember something about our daughter, Jemine. One of her all times favorite snacks was roasted plantain. It is called ‘bole’ in Nigeria. Each morning I will give her money to buy ‘bole’. Once I was very busy with my patients in the hospital and I forgot to give her ‘pocket money’. Jemine went to school early that morning. I was in my office when the door opened. It was Jemine with our driver, Monday. Breathing hard she said: “Malia, I told Monday to make a U turn and to come back so that I can collect my ‘bole’ money”
I smile as I write this. I hope Oliver, her son, will like bole too…


(in the picture you can see ‘bole’)


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