“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Mt 6:34)

All unbelievers worry about things they cannot control. And they can control nothing. This is God’s law: Nobody can control his future. God designed life in such a way that tomorrow always remains hidden in mystery. We need to live one day at a time. We pray for our ‘daily bread’. Today is the day of salvation! Tomorrow is not my property! Let me seek and find God today!

We are commanded to refuse to worry about tomorrow. This is God’s command. Jesus does not beg us to obey. He does not suggest obedience to us. He is the Captain of our salvation and we have to obey. Say this: ‘Yes, Sir! Yes, Lord!’ To refuse to permit anxiety to enter, that is a choice. It is also an effort. It is natural to worry. It is supernatural not to worry. You need the help of the Holy Spirit! To refuse to worry about tomorrow is a great achievement!

This is how God made this world: You can’t see the problems of tomorrow. So you can’t prepare for them in particular. The only preparation you can make is to feed daily on the Word of God, to increase your store of faith. Then you are ready for any trouble when it comes. The investment and insurance of the Word of God is the best of all! It never fails!

When good things come, rejoice! That is easy! When trouble comes, also rejoice! This is because God is never taken by surprise. God always has a plan. Pray and seek God’s purpose in that trouble. Great treasures shave been found in trash cans. With God, the present trouble becomes a testimony that will give glory to God, will put the devil to shame and will encourage many. They who have suffered and overcame their trouble by faith in God, these are the true champions of encouragement. Be an overcomer! Be an encourager!

As for me, long ago I made up my mind to study and obey God’s Word. I apply the Word daily to the best of my knowledge and strength. I declare that I shall be found to be an obedient child and a faithful servant of God! By the grace of God, when trouble comes, I arrest it and I defeat it. I make trouble to work for me! I am impressed how troubles serve me so well! I live like there is no tomorrow! I rejoice daily! The grace of God today is sufficient for me to find fulfillment, purpose and happiness. I do not need to travel, to lose weight, to buy new clothes, to change my circumstances or to adjust my dreams. Right now (1:40pm), right here (Warri, Nigeria), just as I am, I praise my God ‘from whom all blessings flow’! That is the end of the matter! Praise the Lord!



  1. loriloganvance says:

    Amen! This post is a blessing to me! I have been very overwhelmed by worry lately. In every area of my life, I find that there is plenty to worry about. And I worry to the point where it makes me physically sick with nausea and headaches.

    I was reading this same chapter and verse in Matthew yesterday as I prayed to God to help me overcome worry instead of having worry overcome me. I think what I am missing too is I have not made a decision to refuse to worry and reject it. Instead, I tend to embrace worry because it feels like the “natural” thing to do. Today, I want to make a decision that I will reject worry. I WILL rejoice in the Lord! He is my portion and He is more than enough for me!

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