“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Ps 139:14)

An inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt about the value of your person. It manifests as depression, anxiety, feelings of failure, of not measuring up to standards. It is often subconscious. Most of these people try to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or wrong behavior. This inferiority complex develops in children whose parents are either too harsh or too soft with them.  If your child hears negative words in the home, with time he will believe them. If you spoil your child and pamper him too much, he will become helpless in life and develop inferiority complex.

O, how I love the Word of God. Here I have found a treasure. These are just some few of the life changing lessons I have learned. In the Bible I am commanded to deliver myself from all negative thinking, from all inferiority complexes. I am not supposed to feel offended when others think or say that I am too young or too old, too white or too black, too ugly or too un-fashionable. For me in particular, as a woman of God, I am not to apologize for being a foreigner or a woman.

This is my testimony: As a young woman I was afflicted by an inferiority complex based on my looks. Foolishly, I was comparing myself with Miss. Romania and or course, I failed the test. I forgot that I had other gifts that she did not possess. With all my academic achievements, my life became sad and restless. I worried a lot about the future. For example: ‘I am ugly. Who will marry me?’ I knew that my way of thinking was wrong but I could change myself. I tried to free myself from these negative thoughts but could not do it on my own. Even my husband tried to change me but could not.

I finally became free when I met the Lord. The light of God shone in my dark heart. I became born again. I became a child of God. He changed my heart and my mind. This change was gradual but sure. Little by little I started seeing myself thru the eyes of Christ. I started believing that Jesus loves me, so I started loving myself. I had the boldness to believe that He bought me with His Blood. Therefore I must have a great value in His eyes. God lifted up my head. I stopped desiring to be someone else. I stopped comparing myself with others. My infatuation with Miss. Romania died.  I became free indeed!

I testify to the glory of God that the old familiar demon of inferiority was totally defeated and ran away. The new mind of Christ gave me peace, joy, the assurance of eternal life and the right standing in the presence of God. I declared the Word of God over my life.  I saw myself as the Work of God. How then can I be ugly? It is impossible! How can I be a failure? It is impossible! How can I be last when God declares me to ‘the head and not the tail’? How can I be called barren when God says that I am a ‘fruitful vine’? I am not made on earth! I am made in heaven! I totally believe the report of the Lord! I am deaf to the voice of the devil. He is not my Creator. He is not my God. I reject all lies. I believe and rejoice with the truth! Praise the Lord O, my soul!

Finally, Child of God, stop worrying! Be encouraged you there! God loves you! If God can change my heart, my mind and my circumstances, He will do the same for you! Be patient and have faith to the end!

  1. As ‘ugly’ as I thought I was, the most wonderful and handsome man I ever met married me. That was 41 years ago. We have three children and six grandchildren (for now). God sent him to Romania to marry me!!! God makes all things beautiful in His own time and in His own way! What a mighty God we serve! This is my story! This is my song!

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