“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1Thess 5:16-18)

Not too long ago I discovered that there is a type of bread called ‘The Amish Friendship bread’. It takes 10 days to have a loaf of that bread. They do not use yeast. This is the recipe (that I found on the Utube): Day one: mix flour, sugar and milk in a bowl and cover it. Day two: stir the dough! Day three: stir the dough! Day four: stir the dough! Day five: stir the dough! Day six: stir the dough! Day seven: stir the dough! Day eight: stir the dough! Day nine: stir the dough! Day ten: add more four, more sugar and milk, little baking soda, some cinnamon and vanilla. Then bake it. I have not tasted it but it is said to be very tasty.

What is the lesson? There are things in life when you need to learn to be patient. You continue to repeat the same thing again and again. For example, you need to rejoice not only when things are good, but always! You need to pray on and on until the answer comes. Therefore, do not stop praying. Do not be tired to bring the same thing before God again and again. You need to ‘stir the dough’ of prayer until there is an answer. There may be delay but do not allow that to misrepresent God for He never changes. God is always Faithful and True, All Powerful and Good. To others who use instant yeast to bake fast bread in one hour, the Amish people look foolish with their way of baking bread. But friendship with God and man takes time to perfect.

Lest I forget, give thanks to God in all circumstances. Say ‘thanks’ to people too. You are not a fool. This is what friends do. Now go back to your ‘prayer kitchen’ and stir that dough! Do it, for the sake of eternal friendship and sweet communion in heaven and on earth. Stir the dough! The sweet answer will surely come!

(in the picture Amish Friendship Bread)


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