“The appetite of laborers works for them; their hunger drives them on” (PV 16:26)
God made man to labor. All labor, both natural and spiritual, has profit! God made the Garden of Eden and told Adam and Eve to labor in it. Any idle man (ex. being on welfare for a long time) will soon go down, spiritually and mentally. A lazy man cannot prosper. The nations that work hard to survive have a better education and health system. Like in the countries where there is harsh weather (winter), men gave to work hard to live, if not they die. But if a country has it too easy (good weather…) the people become lazy. For example, you just wake up in the morning and you find banana outside your window, hanging in a tree you have not planted, and then you just eat it…why bother to plant anything?

The appetite is a stimulant to push man to work. It is God’s gift! When you are hungry, even if you are tired, you get up from bed and look for food. A man who is sick and dying loses his appetite. The return of the appetite is a sign that the patient is recovering back to life. It is the same in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm.

This is my testimony: God has blessed me with a high spiritual appetite. From morning till night I only dream of the Word of God, how to read it, to understand it and to pray about it. This appetite makes me strong to seek God. I give God all the glory for my spiritual appetite! I praise Him for the unending provision of His heavenly manna to me! Today shall be a good day, for the Word of God is fresh, fragrant and appetizing, calling me, waiting for me to partake from its sweetness! ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good!’ In Jesus name amen! (Ps 34:8)

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