“The street shall be built again, and the wall,
Even in troublesome times” (Dan 9:25)

Daniel was in exile. He discovered the scroll of the Prophet Jeremiah who said that the people of God shall be in exile for 70 years. That was the time to fulfill their chastisement. After that, God will show mercy on them and bring them back to Israel. Daniel discovers that the time is at hand. He does not take it for granted that the promises of God will come to pass. Daniel does not passively admire the Word of God. He prays reminding God of His promises. This is a big lesson: we should not take the Promises of God for granted. He that has the revelation is the one who should lead in prayer and intercession.

Daniel knew that Jerusalem was an abandoned city. If the people of God return they shall only meet desolation. Trusting God for the return of the exiles, he prays for Jerusalem. This is another good lesson: if we really have faith, then we should pray forward. We are not looking at the present place or situation. We are praying for the things that shall be but they are not. That is called a prayer of faith. If you are barren, pray for your grandchildren. If you are sick, pray for that work or ministry God told you about. If you are poor, pray about the color of the roses in front of your new house.

Daniel prays for mercy. I often to the same! When it comes to me, Mercy is wonderful beyond word. Mercy smiles, embraces; smells like the lilies, dresses like a bride and sings like the doves.

Daniel confesses the sins of his people. He identifies with them. Because of sin, the only thing we have now is ‘confusion of the face’. The word confusion means shame, spiritual dryness, disappointment and sadness. He prays that God should shine His face upon the sanctuary. God’s gracious face will prevail against the shame of our faces. This is our prayer: The presence of God should come back to the house of God. The glory of God should be revealed to the faithful and humble worshippers. The Person of God the Holy Spirit should freely move in our midst. God is all they need. God is all we need.

Daniel spoke to Angel Gabriel and was greatly blessed by him. But Daniel knows that the house of God needs more than an angel. They need God! We too need God to come and dwell among His people. We need revival. We need healing. We need deliverance. We need the grace of God. We need a new beginning. Only God can grant these. Only Jesus Christ can save. May we forget all else! May we forget the success of the past and the failure of the present time! May we hunger and thirst for God to come down! Then the wilderness shall bloom like a field. Then the building shall rise. Then the wall shall be built! The troubled times of this season are powerless against the move of God! The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church! The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead tells us to rise once more. To the glory of God! All honor and adoration to the Lamb upon the Throne! In Jesus name, amen!

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