“And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart” (Jer 29:13)

This is the very first scripture I even read from the Bible in 1986. It was on a tract someone gave to me. I never forget how the fear of God came upon me just by reading this word. I forgot that I have a heart until I read it.

This is the promise of God to His people in Babylon. This is the same promise of God to the backsliders. For God to say that we shall seek Him, it means that we can ‘lose’ Him. God can be ‘lost’. I do not mean that God can be totally lost, but He can be lost to you. You can grieve the Holy Spirit. Joseph and Mary left Jesus behind. They ‘lost’ God for few days and they did not even know it. They took it for granted that Jesus was with them when he was not. As a child of God, you cannot your lose your salvation, but you can lose the joy of your salvation and the sweet fellowship with the Holy Spirit. That is great loss! Backslider, come back!

How do you know that you have lost God, that you have grieved the Holy Spirit? When the hunger for the Word decreases; when the desire to pray is quenched; when going to church is a burden and not a joy; when serving God and men is hard to you; when paying your tithes seems like another trouble; when you have lost the spiritual impact on people around you. You have lost God when love is hard and quarrel is easy. Child of God, you have grieved the Holy Spirit when you make mistake upon mistake, when you become foolish, when you fear the future and have no peace.

What do you do when you discover that these things are true to you? The first thing to do is to stop the going down! Shout the name of Jesus! Be desperate for a restoration! Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you seek God! You shall seek God like He is your very life, your next breath, your last drop of blood. You seek God until you find Him again. Seek God with all your heart. All other things and people can wait. Finding God is always your priority! Jesus is your best friend forever. None can replace Jesus in your life! Holy Spirit please come and fill me afresh! In Jesus name, amen!

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