“Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness” (2Cor 9:10)

This was the fifth day of fasting and prayer in our church. Sister Mercy shared the message. The text was from 2Corintinans 9: 6-15. The following are the main prayer points. We are transitioning from a ‘small’ church to a much bigger one. We need to be responsible servants of God. We need to (re)-dedicate our lives to the service of God who loves ‘a cheerful giver’. We should never be passive in the house of God. We need to initiate good things without any pressure from outside. We need to be generous with our talents, money, time and energy. God knows everything and He will surely reward us.

God saw this great building before we even knew about it. God sees your success, your harvest even before the beginning of the sowing season. The farmer is not in control of the harvest. He can only sow the seed, patiently trusting God for the increase. We should do the same. Let us do our part and God will do His.

As we are moving to a much bigger place, there is a danger that the influx of strangers will ‘dilute’ our commitment and we may compromise. God forbid! The faithful brethren shall continue to be faithful in all circumstances. We should love and serve one another. Can you imagine how it will be if each one of us thinks of creative ways how to better serve God and man? This is a happy church which God will surely bless. We have a good foundation. Now it is time to build on it! This is the time for a new anointing! This is a time for a fresh touch from God!


Then Pastor R S Leigh had a prophetic word: every person who steps in the new sanctuary shall be blessed financially! We all shouted AMEN!  To the glory of God!

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