“And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying: We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by your name, to take away our reproach” (Is 4:1)

This is a parable: seven desperate women hold one man begging him to marry them. Seven women take hold of a man. In Hebrew, the word ‘to hold’ describes a warrior. It means to be strong, to seize somebody, to be stubborn, urgent, hardened, to fight like a man and to prevail. These seven are strong women who are ready to use any means to win an argument or a battle. They can seduce the men if that brings them success. But if seduction fails, they are not afraid to provoke their husbands or their leaders to open confrontation, trying to take over their positions of leadership. These women want to lead. They have their own resources and money. They even have their own clothes. All they want is to rule and reign over men.

So, who are these seven women? Spiritually, the man is a symbol of Christ and the woman is a symbol of the church. The church is called the Body or the Bride of Christ. The seven women represent the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. Number seven means perfection. Therefore, these assemblies represent all the New Testament churches to the end of time. If you read the letters of the Resurrected Christ in the Book of Revelation you discover that five out of the seven of these churches are in error, are backsliding. They have forsaken their ‘first love’. They commit spiritual adultery and Christ, their Bridegroom is angry with them. These churches love the world and imitate the world. They stop preaching the true Gospel. They preach another gospel, receive another spirit and worship another ‘jesus’.

Now you see the false church in action. These seven women hold on to one man fighting for marriage. Who is this man? It represents Jesus. Biblically, it is the man who find the wife (PV 18:22) and not the woman who finds a husband. Biblically it is the man who provides food for his family and the wife is the helper. But here we see that the women provide for themselves. They do not need a man for that. Why? It is because they do not want to submit to their husbands. It is because they do not want Christ to rule over them! These women want to ‘marry’ Christ; they want peace and joy but reject the Holy Spirit. They trust in themselves for salvation. They trust in their prayers. They think that by living a good life, by working hard, by giving money to the church or by taking the Holy Communion, they become saved and righteous. These women think that they can manipulate Christ, that He will do what they want, that He will answer all their prayers, even if they pray ‘amiss’. These women are deceived to believe the doctrines of the devils that shall become more and more common in these last days (1Tim 4:1).

But you child of God be encouraged! Jesus has already married you. Nothing shall separate you from His eternal love! No need to fight with others to gain Christ! He is already yours! Just worship Him! Give Him all the glory!


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