“The unmarried woman cares about the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit. But she who is married cares about the things of the world—how she may please her husband… and that you may serve the Lord without distraction” (1Cor 7:34, 35)

Marriage is one of the greatest blessings given by God to men on earth. But there is a snare attached to it. It must be overcome, if not trouble comes into the home. You have to see marriage as a gift from God. The Giver is always greater than the gift. There is a temptation married men and women need to overcome. They need to learn to love Jesus more than their spouses. Love is not a natural gift. By the power of the Holy Spirit you need to learn how to love.

All people desire to marry. Some marry and some do not. But even among the married ones, few learn to balance spirituality with the demands of marital life. My husband and I we have been married for more than 41 years. This I can say: It is not easy to be holy and married in the same time. The primary enemy is called ‘spiritual distraction’. The word means to be entangled in domestic bondage. Imagine a house full of clutter. There are things scattered everywhere. Some things are good and some are bad. Some are new and some are old. Some are useful and many are useless. But the main problem is that the things are too many. There is no place to walk. You cannot even see the floor. This is the picture of a distracted mind. It is a very common problem afflicting the married couples. From morning until night, the wife thinks and plans how to please her husband. The same applies to the husband. They buy books about marriage, listen to sermons, listen to advice from others who are ‘better qualified’ than them. All this information clutters their minds. Trying to please their spouses, they become sluggish, materialistic and confused. They lose the focus to serve God, to love Jesus above all others.

This is my prayer tonight for you: that the Holy Spirit will ‘clear the floor’ of your heart! That the Holy Spirit will remove the dust from your eyes! That the Holy Spirit will revive your spirit! That you may find the divine balance to be holy unto God and happily married! Worship God with all your heart! Out of that sweet overflow, love your spouse! To God be all the glory!

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