This is part of the exhortation from our prophetic prayer meeting this evening. It is a call to true worship!

“Praise be to the Lord, for He has heard my cry for mercy.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.

My heart leaps for joy and with my song I praise Him” (Ps 28:6, 7)

Christianity is not a drama rehearsal. Christianity is not a joke. It is not an imagination. Christianity is real. It is a real life! To worship Jesus is real. Come to the feet of Jesus… Do not step on them… Come and touch them… Come and worship at His feet… Come and wash them with your tears… Do not waste your tears for the devil… Come and give your tears to Jesus… You say: ‘Pastor, I do not see the feet of Jesus…’…But I see them…For me they are real… I touch them… Come closer… Let the miracle happen!

‘Down at Your feet Oh, Lord, is the most high place…In Your presence Lord, I seek Your face…I live to worship You…’ Down at Your feet Oh, Lord I lift up my eyes and I seek Your face…I see Your face… In Your presence the world fades away….I see the King in His beauty and I see nothing else…Your song is my strength and my shield…in Your presence I fear nothing…The Lord has heard my cry for mercy…My heart trusts in Him…God helps me…men fail and disappoint, but my Lord helps me…my God is the faithful God…my heart leaps for joy…I praise You…I worship You…I bow before You… I love You in the morning…I love you at noon time…I love You in the evening…I love You in the darkest night…’

Tomorrow many people shall come to church…they shall be received, surrounded and covered by the Holy Spirit Himself, at the entrance…They will not be able to resist the love of God…they shall give their lives to Christ…The angels in heaven are tuning their harps in preparation for tomorrow… Many souls shall be saved tomorrow thru our church service…the anointing is increasing…there is an open heaven over us…the Holy Spirit is pouring God’s love and fills the sanctuary… Tomorrow shall be great…we live because Christ lives…

’When I look over the sea, the mountains and the hills, O Lord, Your awesome love, Your glory is all I see…When I consider Your love, Your loving-kindness and Your faithfulness…In all the earth, there is no one else like You…How Beautiful You are.. How marvelous You are…I live to worship You…”


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