This is a letter I received recently from one of my daughters in Christ. Read and be blessed:

“Dear Malia,
I enjoyed more of God’s mercies on Monday afternoon. I was on the way when I noticed this heavy traffic, I didnt want stay on it. I got to a u-turn deciding to either returned back and use another route or take the opposite direction of the traffic. While I was still contemplating, a car from behind me took the opposite traffic.. I got my cue. Put on the hazard light and I followed the car. I was feeling lucky. Not too far from the point where I could exit from that lane, I noticed a school girl (14-17yrs), about to cross the road. she was looking at only one direction (which is expected) didn’t see me coming and entered the road. I knocked her down, her school bag landed on my shield, I held the brakes and stayed still. Lord, help.
I was wrong in every way, no way out. A lady started to scream and talk so shrilly at the other side of the traffic. I didn’t look her way at all. I needed help not panic. At the point I wanted to get out of the car, God stepped in. The school girl got up, waved her hand at the screaming lady to quieten her down and saying “I’m alright”. She walked up to my car and smiled at me still saying “I’m alright”.. She asked me to stop the wipers so she could pick her bag.. I did. I kept asking if she was fine, she answered. The shrilling lady had calmed down and also asked if she was sure about being fine. She picked her bag, looked both ways and crossed the street. (Interestingly, no car had passed from both directions)Still watching her, noticed one of her shoes was missing, I asked her, she told me, she had it and proceeded to wear it. At this point traffic had started building behind me, they were becoming agitated, not knowing what happened, they thought I was holding up the traffic. One drove past and wondered why I was looking at the girl. She started to walk away when I drove off in daze. Praying also that she truly stays fine…
What just happened?
The time I felt I gained could have been lost and much more spent. Death or injuries …how would I have coped knowing my irresponsibility had caused it..
Mercy, Mercy, God’s mercies.
Great deliverance The Lord has shown to me.
He plucked my feet from the net…
I see her face… She smiled at me…
I have been quiet but screaming inside. I have spontaneous shouts.. No words… All in awe of God.
This is our God. My refuge, strong tower. My rock of defence. He has shut the mouth of the accusers.. God has held me up.. He broaden the path beneath my feet so that I didn’t fall.
Like a flood, it could have been but He raised the standard.
The King over the floods has calmed the raging storms.
My heart rejoices.. My God is mighty. My heavenly Father is always with me even in my my wrong judgement.
Speechless as it is but my heart is bursting in gratitude..
Overwhelmed by Grace…
Your daughter…”

My answer to her:
Thank God! Praise God! For life, for lessons, for grace!
Share your testimony (for this is what it is)! Give God all the glory! I think that God wants you to wake up and see the protection and grace He gives you. You cannot experience this and be the same! Do not run away from your emotions! Feel them! Anxiety, pain, shame, fear…feel them all! Confront them! Deliver yourself from them! Follow only the lead of the Holy Spirit and not the easy path! Lastly, I agree with you…Jesus is Lord over you! To God be all the glory!
Love in Christ alone

“He will call on Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him” (Ps 91:15)


2 comments on “AMAZING GRACE

  1. Bridget Okafor says:

    Thank God for his saving grace, both you and your victim. Praise thy Lord!

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