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This is a wonderful letter from Eng. Chris Ekpekurede, a long time friend of the ministry. He is a civil engineer by profession and an author of many books on building churches.

On Saturday the 19th of December, 2015, I was in a glorious service to dedicate Warri’s newest and definitely the most modern auditorium built by the Father’s House Bible Church pastored by Pastor Dr. Richmond Leigh. Now, by the way, Pastor Leigh did not purchase his doctoral title like many title-hungry Nigerian pastors. His is a genuine doctoral acqusition with performance and laudable landmarks to prove it.The burgeoning Lily Clinic in Warri bears testimony to that.

And the fact that the man and his amiable and motherly wife are genuinely learned shows in the delivery of this auditorium masterpiece.

Instructively, as qualified as this man and his wife are to bandy around their doctorate titles, they have cast all that aside and chosen to be simply called Tali and MaLia, respectively. I have always insisted that when an educated person and an illitrate or half-baked person do the same thing there is a yawning gap in their performance.

The new Father’s House auditorium is one of its kind in Nigeria. Consider these facts:

1. Internally, the centrally cooled hall with its mesmerising lighting simply creates an ambience for the Holy Spirit’s presence once the worship gong is sounded from the profusely lit altar by the worship team that sings like they were not made in Nigeria. I sang and worshipped until tears began to flow freely from my two eyes!
2. The acoustic engineering is simply unNigerian. You encounter the sound from within only when you open the door and enter the auditorium…and what rich sound greets you! The only place I ever experienced that was somewhere in London many years ago. Neighbours do not have to complain about church noise pollution as we do in the neighbourhood where I live. There are no crude and obnoxious Aba-made loud speakers hung outside the building to harass and disfigure the environment.
3. The biggest testimony of the Father’s House Church auditorium is that it was built by ordinary Nigerians–indeed, bloody Waferians! Father’s House is another proof that Nigeria CAN DO IT. So let’s all get cracking on the Nigerian project.

One more thing I treasure about that Saturday’s outing is the wisdom of inviting many local pastors to the event. I hope they learnt a thing or two about church buildings. They are not all about brick and mortar and wood and lousy acoustics that stream destructive noise to perplexed neighbourhoods. They are about expressing the serenity of God’s Holy Spirit.

I doff my engineering and christian hats for Tali and the wonderful people at Father’s House Bible Church for not just showing the way but doing so very expressively. Congratulations!

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  1. bridget okafor says:

    Infact, Engr. Chris Ekpokurede has said it all. It is Father’s House indeed…. everything well structured. I greet the Engr. and Crew for a job well done. No environmental confusion of noises of instrument and voices echoing from different churches not knowing which to listen to. Obviously, this is Euro in Naija (Praise be the Name of the Lord). But there’s something I observed, as I was ushered to take my sit “The Dark Atmosphere” which brought instant fear to my heart….seeing the church filled with people but could not see their faces because of the ‘ Lesser Star Light’ though they are beautiful. As I sat down …. fixed my eyes on the altar..the fear left me. And I worship the Lord along with the choir as the minister.

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