“The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children. You are blessed of the Lord which made heaven and earth” (Ps 115:14, 15)

This is the promise of God: if you are born again, God will make sure that your children (natural and spiritual) shall multiply in numbers and that their present blessings shall increase! Their faith, peace, joy, strength, wisdom, love for God, hunger for righteousness, desire to please God, anointing for ministry and living in the hope of glory shall increase day by day! The curse of barrenness, poverty, loneliness and lack is destroyed!

In Christ I declare: What you know about my children’s past, what you may see today in their lives, is nothing to be compared with what God has in mind for them for their future! As a family, we the parents and our children, we are actively blessed by God Almighty, who is no one else than the Maker and the Sustainer of the the heaven and the earth. Do not just look at us, at our little words or feeble actions! Do not memorize our mistakes, for these shall be replaced by holy choices! Look at our God and then you shall understand our secret of success and the blessings that are added daily! For God is with us!

If you want to enjoy these promises, then give your life to Jesus Christ! That is the only door of eternal blessings for men, the only bridge between earth and heaven and there is no other!

Oh… I love the Word of God, my food and joy for my soul forever!

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