“So he, trembling and astonished, said, “Lord, what do You want me to do?” Then the Lord said to him, “Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do” (Ac 9:6)

This month my husband and I, we celebrate 16 years of full time ministry as founders and pastors of Father’s House Bible Church. I still remember the power of God’s call upon my life. It will never leave me for as long as I live. This is our testimony: My husband and I we worked as medical doctors in Nigeria since 1980. We had a successful practice that brought us wealth and fame. In 1998, my husband and I decided to go to America. We were in the US for more than a year. We left behind our successful private hospital in Warri called ‘Lily Clinic’. We went over there with our children not knowing what God has in mind for us as a family.  Because many said that working in America as doctors will bring more money than in Nigeria (and our common sense convinced us that this is a good idea) we decided to enroll and pass the exams so that we can practice there. We bought the necessary text books and paid the fees for the first exam. We started reading the books with all the seriousness of medical students.  But God had a different plan. Some months passed…


Suddenly, the Holy Spirit spoke: ‘I did not bring you here to America so that you work as doctors. That season of your life is finished. I want to use you in My kingdom and for My glory. Go back to Nigeria and do ministry. From now on you shall work for Me! I place on you the apostolic-prophetic mantle of true missionaries. Go back to Warri and sell your hospital. Use the building as a church. Call it Father’s House Bible Church. I will be with you and teach you all you need to be pastors and spiritual leaders. Leave the children behind and I will take care of them better than if you were here with them.  Obey My command and you shall never regret it.  The best part of your life starts now. You shall be leaders of revival in Nigeria. Obey Me and see what I will do. But be sure to give Me alone all the glory for the success that will come…’


Both my husband and I received these same words separately. When we talked to each other about what God has said, we were shocked to discover that He said the same thing to each of us. God wanted each one of us to obey His call separately and together as a couple. In this way, no one needs to explain the vision to the other. Each one of us will be directly responsible to God for the words we speak and the things we do. In this way there is no need to ‘carry one another on the back’. No one will be a liability to the other. Each one will freely move in the Spirit, manifesting his own peculiar gifts without over-depending on another and still keeping the unity of the Spirit intact.


Looking back, I thank God that my husband and I said ‘yes’ to the call of God. We did so independently and together as a team.  We came back to Nigeria in November 1999. We started Father’s House Bible Church in March 2000. It is 16 years since then. God has been faithful. God is good. God’s promise to be with us, to teach us how to be pastors and leaders is fulfilled. It is true that since we chose to obey God’s call and start this church our life is the happiest. God has been faithful in taking care of our children and grandchildren. He has done much more than words can tell.


This morning I want to say “Thank You Father! Thank You Son! Thank You Holy Ghost! For the success of our ministry, for the harvest of souls, for the happiness in our marriage, for the prosperity of our children, natural and spiritual, for the opportunity to preach the truth, to pray and worship freely, for these are so many other blessings, we say Thank You Lord Jesus! All glory goes to You alone!”

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