“The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart,

And saves such as have a contrite spirit” (Ps 34:18)

All the promises of God are in Christ ‘yes and amen’! There are many promises in the Bible. Each one you read, just believe it because God is faithful to His Word.  Here we are told that God is ‘nearer’ to some people than to others. These are the ones with a broken heart and contrite spirit. These are the wounded and the oppressed. These are the sinners who truly repent of their sins.  In Hebrew, the word ‘near’ it means ‘to approach and join the other’. God draws closer to embrace and heal His broken hearted people. These are the humble ones who weep for their sins. The tears flow freely when the Holy Spirit touches, softens or turns the heart to Himself.


Tears are good. Jesus collects them in a special bottle. I am not saying that you need to dramatize your prayers and weep like an actor. What I am saying is to pray to God for the gift of tears. The tears will help wash your eyes and your soul. Recently I did an eye test and the optician said that my eyes are too dry and I should add artificial tears, some medicated eye drops from a little bottle. I am not saying this is the solution to your problem. Many Christians are too hard.  Sin has deceived them and now their hearts are hard like a stone. Their eyes are too dry…


Pray for the gift of tears… When they come, it is not because of anything in the natural. I am not saying that you shall experience any tragedy so that you can weep. I am saying that after you pray, the water storage of the eyes will ‘burst’ suddenly. You may be in the market or at home. Suddenly you feel a strong urge to weep for your sins or intercede for the nation. Our country needs our prayers and also our tears.  ‘Them who sow in tears shall reap with joy’. We all expect a harvest of good things and happiness. But without the planting of the Word and tears wetting the plantation, our ministries will remain unfruitful and unsatisfied.


King Hezekiah was sick. God sent the prophet Isiah with a terrible message. He shall die soon!  The King prayed like a baby. He prayed and wept before the Lord who suddenly changes the prophecy saying: ‘I have heard your prayers and I have seen your tears. You shall live another fifteen years from now on’. Hannah prayed to be a mother and God gave her children. The prophets wept as they interceded for Israel.  Jesus, who is the Man amongst men, wept when His friend Lazarus died and he wept for Jerusalem.


The Lord is far from any soul who is proud and self-righteous. The prayer for tears is not only for the women. It is also for the men. These are not emotional tears of frustration. These are spiritual tears that God sees and He will have mercy on you.  You do not justify or explain your sins away. You pray for honest godly sorrow that leads to repentance and salvation. Like Mary, break your alabaster box at the feet of Jesus. Weep and worship there. It is the highest place on this planet. They who mourn shall be comforted. You have no right to rejoice in the church, dancing with the music, if you have not wept for your sins. Let the hardness of heart, the stubbornness, the hypocrisy, the selfishness and the religious pride be broken! Come to the Cross!


Child of God, the Lord is near you… May the Lord draw closer to you today… May the Lord approach and join your spirit! Be one with Jesus! That is all that matters…

2 comments on “THE LORD IS NEAR

  1. Karen says:

    Amen. I thank the Lord for allowing me to “stumble upon” your blog! I appreciate your Bible-based words of encouragement and teaching–from 5000 miles away!!! It is good and refreshing to read a woman speak God’s Word in a straight-forward manner.

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