“Your gentleness has made me great” (Ps 18:35)

We had a wonderful prayer meeting this evening. I had a great expectation since morning. Today was my birthday. I already told my children, natural and spiritual, that I want to have a quiet day of meditation and thanksgiving. No rice, no cake… Thank God they obeyed. I read my Bible. I prayed. I wanted to focus on what God wants from me today and in the days ahead. Tomorrow our church will be 16 years (not old, but) eternal. The presence of God was so strong. This is my heart’s desire: to host the King of kings in our midst, to welcome the Person of God the Holy Spirit. If He comes, that is success for me. If He does not come, I am sad and I need to repent. Thank God He came…


We prayed for more zeal for God. We rejected the evil spirit of lukewarm religion. Then the praises started. It was not just singing. It was praise warfare. The demons were ‘sleeping’, confident that the chains around our ankles are still strong and the padlocks still locked. But the praises were too ‘hot’ and woke them up. They all ran away. Thank You Jesus! Then we pushed the chairs to the side so that we can dance like David danced. We praised and we worshipped for almost two hours. We did not feel tired. We all felt good and happy. The King of kings was in our midst and He was blessing each person, the adults and the children. Tomorrow will be the official Thanksgiving Day. There shall be many visitors and well-wishers. Thank God for that! But this evening the Lord came ‘unofficially’ to bless His children, His servants and faithful friends with His intimate touch. His Spirit is gentle and strong in the same time. We declared that the sick are healed, the troubled are delivered, the weak are strong and the poor are now rich. All these blessings came because of what the Father has done thru His Son! Glory!


Then there was a prophetic word: “God will give you ‘Grace Money’. It is not ‘bank money’. It is called ‘Grace Money’. It is not Naira or Dollars. It is ‘Grace Money’. It does not smell like money. It has the fragrance of Christ. You shall use it to pay all your bills and debts. With it, you shall start a new business. The business shall succeed. It is not a small business. Receive this Word. You do not need money. You do not need capital. But you need faith to believe that this word is true. It shall come to pass and you shall testify…”   To God be all the glory!

2 comments on “THANK GOD HE CAME

  1. loriloganvance says:

    Amen! I receive this Grace Money! The Lord knows that we are in need of a bigger car to accommodate our growing family. I receive this Grace Money to pay for a new car in full. And we shall have a testimony everywhere that we go. In Jesus Name!

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