“A friend loves at all times” (PV 17:17)

I am a blessed woman. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, children and grandchildren (natural and spiritual). I am a full time pastor and a mother in Christ. This is my calling and I love it. My Father in Heaven has also given me wonderful friends, daughters in Christ, godly women who love God with a passion.  They are not afraid to be adventurous, holy bold, romantic, prayerful, passionate and poetic. They challenge me with their letters, words, poems and songs. Our relationship stays on the altar of the Word of God. We chose to die to the flesh. We rebuke and encourage each other as the Spirit leads. There are no manipulations and no fears. The power of resurrection sustains the relationship. That is why it will never die. We shall be friends in heaven too. We discuss spiritual things. Even the ordinary things of life must be bathed in the Word of God. We are ‘iron sharpens iron’ type of friends. We are ‘a friend who sticks close than a brother’ type of friends. We become better for knowing each other. I am always excited to read their letters. They inspire and challenge me. They live in different places all over the world. But we feel so close… From my ‘office’ in my kitchen in Warri, Nigeria, my spirit soars with theirs and we touch the rainbow above the throne of God. I pray for them, my God given family. They have blessed by body, my soul and my spirit. I pray for you too, that God will give you the gift of true, holy and faithful friends! In Jesus name, amen!

This is a letter from Veronica…


“Dear Malia,

I often wonder if we imagine God’s presence, or do we give way to emotional disconnect, or are we so self-absorbed that we think that just because we are in church, that we deserve a touch.

This is what I observed: while dwelling on our emotions we lose control and focus, at this point it becomes impossible to even sense His presence, the connection is lost. But when we come to that place of brokenness (in humility at His feet), then and only then can we stand up and become His servant, one who shares what has been given with others. God’s love must flow out. We were not created to stay on our knees forever. We need to pray and then get up, walk in His power and in His light. So I put pen to paper in an effort to express my heart. Please see the attachment. And as always feel free to share.

Love in Him,




Standing tall I felt that I could reach the heavens

Quickly, I bowed my head and began to pray within

The atmosphere was electric

Yeah, I was where I was supposed to be; I was in ‘Church’

People were falling, they were singing, and dancing

Maybe they felt something, but I felt nothing

I wanted a touch, I needed a touch

Why not me?

I deserved such!

But my body was aching, and I could hardly stand

Yet praises went up and blessings came down

But I felt nothing!

So I ask, why no touch for me?

Doesn’t He hear?

I wanted a touch, I needed a touch

Why not me?

I deserved such!

So I sat down…

Suddenly, my voice burst forth and uttered unknown sounds

Then I screamed above the crowd

My spirit was lifted and it knew no bounds!

And then my knees hit the ground…

“Abba, Father, who art in heaven…”


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