“For among my people are found wicked men: they watch, as fowlers lie in wait; they set a trap, they catch men… Surely, in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird… ” (Jer 5:26; PV 1:17)
A fowler is a professional bird-catcher. In the days previous to firearms, birds were captured with nets spread on the ground, in traps and snares. There was a method of taking young birds from a nest, raising them by hand, and when they had become very tame, they were confined in hidden cages so that their ‘baby’ voices would call others of their kind to the spot and they could be killed by arrows.
The Holy Spirit will protect you from the fowler’s snare. This is the promise of God! The fowler is a crafty hunter of birds. Spiritually speaking, the devil is the fowler who catches foolish disobedient birds. These represent the born again Christians who rebel against the commands of God. Be careful: what looks like an adventure may be a death trap! The fowler uses other birds as a snare. They are captured when little and ‘domesticated’ by the devil. They look humble and kind. They look like children in need of a mother or a father. They look like orphans! Be careful! Do not imagine that you can mother all the children in the world! These ‘domesticated’ birds are snares to attract other birds that have a motherly instinct. This is a great lesson: Love Jesus more than your children! In this way you shall not fall to the temptation to foolishly save all the children in danger that are nothing more than a flower’s snare. Your children need a spiritual mother not an emotional mother! Jesus says: “Anyone who loves their son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me” (Mt 10:37).
This word is more difficult for them who have a great motherly (or fatherly) instinct. They assume that loving their children should be their lifetime passion, even more than loving Jesus. They take great pride in their parental achievements. It is a wonderful thing to be a good mother of father! But watch out for pride, for the fowler’s snare! Your children are a blessing and a reward from God. You should always love the Giver more than the gift! If you love Jesus more than any other thing, then you and your children shall be safe! I know that this is a ‘hard saying’ but nevertheless, it is the Word of God. I too I struggled hard to accept this saying. Foolishly, I grieved the Holy Spirit by arguing against it. I finally had to bow at the feet of Jesus and beg for forgiveness and mercy. Jesus showed me that He loves me and my children more than I can ever do it! “I now believe! Thank You Lord!”
Oh…how I wish you come back with a testimony that glorifies the Lord…

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