Gossip is defined as idle conversation about other people’s private lives which is unkind, disapproving or not true. Gossip is talk about sensational or intimate rumors. Idle people gossip. To be idle it means to be lazy, to habitually do nothing or avoiding work. Idle talk has no value or good purpose. It does not glorify God! A person who gossips habitually is also known as a tale-bearer, whisperer, murmurer or slanderer. A rumor is a form of gossip and it means to spread unconfirmed information about others. It is a statement that has no known authority as its source. It is talk or opinion widely disseminated with no clear source.  Gossip is superficial ‘small talk’ between friends. Strangers or enemies do not gossip with one another. The source of gossip is a familiar spirit.



Gossip is a sin. God hates it! It is found in the middle of the wicked things describing the reprobates. These are people who once had some knowledge of the God of the Bible but they chose to reject that little knowledge. They know that ‘the wages of sin is death’ but they still ‘continue in sin that grace may abound’. They are even mentoring others who want to learn how to practice evil and still look righteous. They do not fear God. They are hopeless fools and reckless rebellious people. Separate yourself from them! No matter what type of friendship or counsel they offer you, reject their offer!



Gossip, like any sin, is sweet for time and it is very addictive.  Think of gossip as taking drugs, taking cocaine. If you allow your ears to listen to gossip, they will become ‘itchy ears’ never satisfied until gossip is supplied again. The same ears shall hate to listen to the Word of God or any serious topic that will improve your character. Gossip wounds the heart and settles in the deepest part of it. It becomes a root of much evil later. Once addicted to gossip, you need deliverance from that demon.



“A troublemaker plants seeds of strife; gossip separates the best of friends” (PV 16:28)

In Hebrew, the word ‘trouble maker’ is also translated as Froward. This is someone who is habitually inclined to rebellion and opposition. He is someone who resists and overturns the truth. He plants seeds of lies that look very much like truth. His purpose is to plants strife, discord and quarrels. Strife means bitter violent strife for superiority. It is the attitude of a worldly over ambitious person. A trouble maker creates mental confusion and anxiety with his words. His purpose is that others will fight themselves over nothing, over lies, and he will rule in the midst of that chaos.  Gossip is a poison to friendships. It hurts the person spreading the rumor, the person who listens to the rumor and the reputation of the person they talk about. It betrays and divides friends.



God blesses the obedient child of God! Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary to atone for our sins. The cross must work in your life. The flesh, with its entire sinful tendency will die! The spirit shall rise! The fruit of the Holy Spirit in the heart of man shall be manifest! No sin can survive the surgery of the Cross! Pray deliverance upon yourself! At the name of Jesus every knee must bow! God honors His obedient children!


Let’s pray: “Dear Heavenly Father we ask for forgiveness for indulging in the sin of gossip, slander and evil speech. We plead the Blood of Jesus on our behalf. We command every evil spirit of gossip and division to go away in the name of Jesus! Holy Spirit please come and fill us afresh! We give You alone all the glory!  In Jesus name, amen!”

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