This letter is from a dear daughter in Christ. She is a wife and a mother. Four months ago she fell and broke her leg. She is still unable to walk well. Please pray for her! All glory will go to God for her testimony of healing! In Jesus name, amen!

“My dear Malia.. I’m now able to walk within few steps, but since the condition is not stable yet, sometimes I could walk, sometimes my leg gets swollen and I couldnt walk, sometimes my leg gets very stiffs and it was hard for me to walk.. But I disregard those times when I couldnt walk.. I use those downtime moment to partake the Holy Communion.. It’s the main nutrition for my legs and body.. Last Saturday, the Lord gave me ONE WORD: WALKING. Everytime we walk, one of our foot is always ahead of the other.. Since I receive that rhema: WALKING. So I’m gonna continue walking, Malia.. Walking not only physically walking both my legs, but also walking forward with my faith and spirit towards Jesus, Malia..

Even though, what I see is disappointing due to my inability to walk normally yet, the business (globally) is very slow, I dont have daughter(s) yet, I dont own a comfortable house yet, but JESUS and His presence is my only reason to be excited for. I’m starting to look for His heart, His face, His presence instead of His hands to bless me.. Just by mentioning the word of JESUS, I find new strength and courage again to WALK again and again. No matter how many times I fell, how many times my legs sore and in pain, I will get up and stretch up just because He is my reason to live.

My situation has not changed much, but praise the Lord, my view and my focus has changed. Lately, I have asked my sisters in law to help me to find a doctor to consult about the thrombus in my leg (behind the knee) which caused me to have swollen leg and the blood circulation is not smooth.. When it swells, my right part of the right knee is very very very cold and stiffs. Thats my real condition at this moment after 4 months have passed since my accident…Thank you for praying for me…”

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