Dear daughters,
This is what God has provided for us today. It is your parents’ food on the table. It is rice, beans, dodo, chicken stew and greens. As you remember, everything you see is organic. I, your mother, I am so happy in Nigeria! Here people complain a lot… I understand… It is true that many things do not ‘work’ here but the food is good and it is even getting better. Please thank God for His grace and provision to us! Rejoice with us! When you come to Warri, remind me to cook exactly this dish. It is very sweet…
We Love you, children,
Tali and Malia

Nigerian food

(this is a little note to our children I am sharing with you)

2 comments on “THANKS-GIVING

  1. Cheri says:

    This is so precious Lia. I just love your words. There are days I feel transported back to Nigeria, and it is as if I am standing there in my kitchen looking out to the back yard. The food looks especially yummy. Wish I was eating it with you there 🙂 Thanks for sharing with me. Looking so forward to see you both soon.

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