“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11:1)

Faith in God is the foundation of Christianity. Many claim to have faith but not all faith is accepted by God. There are many people who go to church but are not born again by the Spirit of the living God. They are only religious. They are not saved.

One of the best definitions of faith is found in the scripture above. Please read and meditate upon the words. A clear understanding of faith largely depends on how we perceive the word “substance” in verse 1. In Greek, it is hypostasis, literally “a standing under.” A more complex definition is “that which underlies what is apparent.” Amplified a bit further, it is that which, though unseen, exists beneath what is visible. It, then, has the sense of a foundation. Even as the foundation of a building is unseen, but the building above ground is apparent, the foundation, the hypostasis, is nonetheless real, supporting the building. Hypostasis is the unseen support of what is standing in clear view. Faith is the foundation of visible Christian character.

Spiritually, then, invisible faith underlies, supports, and thus motivates the visible action. We need to test what motivates our words and actions, what is behind them.

You need faith for daily living but especially for spiritual warfare. Examine your faith! If you have a tendency to ‘draw back’ from fighting for Christ’s sake it means that you do not have true faith! If during suffering, sickness, trials and persecutions you habitually think of methods of backsliding it means that you do not have a strong foundation of faith. If you gradually find ways to walk in flesh it means that your faith is either absent or very weak. If you are a coward you are not a believer!

God permits suffering to come from time to time. These are periods when we have great opportunities to examine our faith. True faith is confident of and totally depends on the existence, power and love of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit no matter the circumstances. True faith fights to the last breath. True faith is always a winner! God reward true faith with many crowns!

This is my confidence and my declaration of faith: My broken foot does not change anything in my relationship with God, in my identity as a child of God and in my assurance that God is totally in control over my life! I shall continue to trust my God not only for healing but for the greater purpose this pain will bring to pass! God wants to glorify Himself in my life and ministry! His will shall come to pass!

My children, stand strong in the faith and endure to the end! Our victory in Christ is sure! Jesus is Lord!

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