“Whatever they plot against the LORD He will bring to an end; trouble will not come a second time… Why are you scheming against the LORD? He will destroy you with one blow; He won’t need to strike twice!” (Nah 1:9; NIV, NLT)

This morning marks one week since I fell and broke my ankle. I had to lie down for seven days… I could not have done it except by the grace of God. This night I could hear the praises from the sanctuary but I could not come down to join them. I had to learn patience and trust that it is all for a good purpose. My faith that God permitted this ‘accident’ has kept me still. I am surprised but from the second I fell and even up till now I had not experienced any fear or regret. I know that God is with me in this trouble.

God is in control! I trust Him to reveal to me the good things He wants me to learn walking thru this fire. One thing I clear, I have received a new appreciation for the value of prayer and faith. Prayer is so ‘sweet’ when the only ‘thing’ you have left is God!

It has been a prayer of worship and warfare. This time I have no doubt at all that I will defeat the enemy. As a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor, intercessor and leader of revival in our city, I claim the victory won on Calvary Hill. The devil is not just my enemy but the enemy of my husband, of my children (natural and spiritual) and of the sheep and lambs entrusted to our care. We still have much work to do!

The devil miscalculated. For example, if you want to kill a lion you shoot him in the head or in the heart. But if you shoot a lion in his leg, you only make him furious. He will use the remaining three legs to attack and kill the wicked hunter.

This time I am ready for a ‘show down’ with the enemy of our souls. When I could stand on my own two feet I was in danger of running ahead of God. Flesh was still an hindrance. But now, slowed down by grace, the hands of God will carry me to victory.

This is my confession: I can never fall again! This pain cannot repeat itself in my life time or in the lives of my husband and children! The Lord is our Shepherd; we shall not want! Affliction cannot come twice in the same house! As our Lord died once for all, this pain must be once, and on behalf of all! If in the past I was sleeping this time I am wide awake to fight back! We shall celebrate our common victory! Just get ready for the testimony and the praise that will soon come! Jesus You are Lord!!!

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