“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for You are my praise” (Jer 17:14)

Today is the 6th day since I fell and broke my ankle. I am a medical doctor by profession. No doctor wants to changes places with a patient. The doctor is in control of the case ; the patient is at the mercy of the doctor. I am used to be in control. Now I have to humble myself and learn to be a patient. It is not as easy as I thought. I am not a sickly person generally. I do not take drugs except occasionally. Sickness is an enemy to me. But now, I have to lie down in bed ‘by force’…

Can any good come out of this? Yes! I already see the glory of God coming slowly to a place that seems strange to me but where mercy and grace suddenly became available in my time of need. I boldly declare: It is well with me and my children…

I am gaining a new insight in the dark world of sickness and suffering. My spiritual eyes have opened to the great opportunities of walking by faith and not by sight. The truth is I did not plan to walk on this path. I was too confident of myself, too jealous on my physical strength and my personal freedom. I needed my body to obey me, to go and do the work of God. I saw nothing good in lying down with a cast on my foot…

But just the way the Spirit of God directed Jesus to go to the wilderness for a direct battle with the enemy of God, so also God permitted this affliction to come to me. I am not angry with God. I am not angry with myself. I am only angry with the devil who comes to kill steal and destroy. I am more ready than ever to face this enemy for this time I depend only on God’s strength and not on mine. God’s power is not just available to me but it has now become perfected and beautified in this my infirmity. I lost all my fears and my doubts the moment I fell. I fell into peace. It may seem strange but it is the truth…

Right now I am very jealous over the testimony of God in my life. It is true that the doctor fixed a cast on my foot. But my healing comes from God alone. My foot inside the cast is like a worm in the cocoon. Only God sees how the ugly helpless worm inside will become a butterfly. Only God can create , prepare and strengthen the wings for the beautiful butterfly to fly. No human power can heal. No man can save the soul of another man. That is purely the work of God! That is why Jesus died!

This is my wish and my prayer this morning: I want God to glorify Himself in my life even now! I want God alone to heal me! I want God alone to save me from the plans of my enemies who rejoice at my pain! I want God alone to vindicate me as His Servant! I want to have a fresh testimony of God’s grace in my life! I want God alone to be my eternal praise!

Singing: “I shall praise…I shall praise…Your Holy Name!”

According to His promise it shall be so! In Jesus name, Amen!

Lia 3

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