“A man’s spirit will sustain him in sickness, but a crushed spirit, who can bear?” (PV 18:14)

It is eleven days since I fell and broke my ankle. It has been a very interesting journey. The physical pain is almost gone but I still have to rest my foot and I still gave to walk with crotches. The good side of this trial is that there are so many revelations coming to me now. I can write a book! It is very possible that if it was not for this infirmity I could have been too proud to receive these revelations. The truth is that no one desires sickness. I am a medical doctor. I was trained to hate sickness. But as a child of God I see the rainbow at the end of the storm. Yes, there was need for a storm in the night to appreciate the colors of the rainbow early in the morning.

One of the scriptures that pulsate with living faith for me now is the one above. I knew it in my head but now I feel the Word in my spirit. Thru this infirmity I proved the Word to be true. The scripture talks about a man’s spirit; what he can do and what he cannot do. The human spirit is the invisible and the deepest part of man. It is made from the same substance as God. It is the heart or the life if the soul. God speaks only to the spirit. The human spirit is made of three parts:

*The Intuition (it is man’s capacity to know God directly, without passing thru the mind. The mind understand later what the spirit knows now. Children are more intuitive than adults. For example: a child will know if a man is wicked and will cry when coming close to that man. An adult may be deceived by the man’s money or appearance and because of sin his intuition is weak)
*The conscience (it is man’s capacity to know what God wants and what God hates. It works like a traffic light. If the conscience says ‘green’ it means you should move on. If it is ‘yellow’ it means that you should wait. It it says ‘red’ it means that you should stop because that thing in front of you is sin. A healthy conscience is a great blessing. A wounded conscience is trouble already)
*The Communion (it is the human capacity to truly worship God in Spirit and in truth and to experience the glory of God)

The spirit of an unbeliever is dormant, like a man in coma. It does not respond well. It is very weak. It does not hear God speaking. The only man whose spirit sustains him during sickness or trials is the born again child of God.

This is one of the greatest revelations I have received these past few days. This is indeed my testimony, proving once more that I am a true believer in Jesus Christ! During these trying days my intuition tells me that God is with me right now. My conscience feels no guilt and no shame to be found in this situation. I commune with God from this bed. I worship Him freely. My fracture does not exist in the Spirit Land of His free grace. God gave me a strong wiling free spirit to follow Him. I sing, I walk, I dance … This joy becomes strength, hope and healing. It sustains and carries me along. I do not feel tired, frustrated, anxious or sick. God is with me and that is all that matters…

But if man’s spirit is grieved, broken or crushed, then any thing in life, even the good things, become burdens to heavy to carry. If you grieve the Holy Spirit thru rebellion your spirit will be grieved too. There shall be depression and sleepless nights. A guilty conscience is more painful than any fracture. Without the comfort of the Holy Spirit you feel lost in the universe. No man can bear when God turns His back on him. I know how that feels. Any true believer passes thru hell when the Holy Spirit convicts him of sin. That is the process necessary to come to the cross, to plead the Blood of Jesus and His mercy of forgiveness. This is how you feel before you become saved. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God. It is hell on earth. The only thing left to do is to acknowledge your sin and surrender your life to Jesus. Only then you shall have peace.

I hope that these words will encourage you to seek and find The Lord Jesus! You who are sick, be sure that your spiritual connection line to God is free. Then you can endure anything anytime for God is with you! Again I say: that is all that matters!

“Father, Son and Holy Ghost I worship You for who You are…for who You are to me … for Your presence, for Your strength, for Your joy, for Your life imparted in my spirit… For the grace bestowed and glory revealed… In Jesus name, amen!”

Lia 9

3 comments on “MY SPIRIT SUSTAINS ME

  1. Sorry to read of your fall. The devil is a liar. But the Lord is your strength. May God’s holy fire fall upon that ankle and strengthen every ligament and every joint and marrow in Jesus name. Amen.

    Looking forward to great testimony of healing and praise.


    Evangelist Tina King



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