“On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul” (Ps 138:3)

Since the day I fell and broke my ankle something wonderful has happened. According to God’s promise, I have been inundated with waves upon waves of spiritual boldness and strength. This is completely supernatural and God alone takes all the glory. The Holy Spirit fills me and encourages me daily, not only to trust God for recovery but to continue to do ministry to them who are under my care. I am speaking of my children, natural and spiritual, and the other sheep in my flock. I pray and intercede for them like never before. Just in case you have forgotten… It is only my bone that is broken. My spirit and my voice are stronger now. There is no fear, self pity, doubt or confusion left in me. Glory to God!

This is my declaration in Christ: I have received strength in my soul. To understand this statement let me explain… Man is created by God and it is made of three parts: the body, the soul and the spirit. The best picture is an egg. The body is like the shell of the egg. That is the visible part of man that houses the soul. The body is not very strong. It can be sick and weakens with age. One day the body dies and the soul is released. The soul is like white of the egg. It is invisible and dwells inside the house of the body. It is the peculiar part that gives you identity, that makes you to be you. The soul has three components:
1. The mind (the capacity to think, to imagine, to memorize…)
2. The emotions (the capacity to love, to feel, to be poetic…)
3. The will (the capacity to make decisions).

The spirit of man is like the yellow yoke of the egg. That is where the life is. It has three components also: the conscience, the capacity to worship and the spiritual intuition to know God directly. Like an egg without a yoke, before you are born again the spirit is dead. God is Spirit and He only talks to the spirit of man. That is why you need to become born again before you can hear the voice of God.

Now back to the soul… Different people have different levels of strength in each of these components of the soul. Some are more intelligent than others. Some are more emotional and loving than others. Some are stronger willed and when they decide something they do not look back.

This is my testimony: the Holy Spirit has strengthened my mind, my emotions and my will. I have a sound mind. I am more creative, more imaginative now than before the trial. My memory is stronger. I remember the scriptures faster and quickly applied them to my situation. My love for God and for my family (natural and spiritual) had increased. I feel tender, loving, caring, more prayerful and strong. My will is stronger. I have put my hands to the plow and there is no looking back.

As for me and my household we shall continue to serve The Lord until that Day. There is no shaking! If the devil thought that by breaking my leg he had conquered me, he has been seriously disappointed. There is confusion in the camp of my enemies. If the devil did not want me to become a better wife, a stronger mother, a more anointed pastor, he should have left me alone. Like we say in Nigeria… ‘Devil miss road’. With this new living strength in my soul I am getting ready for greater exploits for my King and my Lord! Warri and Effurun Nigeria must experience revival from on high! God will do it! This is my stand! In Jesus name, amen!

Lia 7

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