“For who has despised the day of little things? But these seven will be glad when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel– these are the eyes of the LORD which range to and fro throughout the earth.” (Zech 4:10)

Today I can see that there is a clear improvement in my health condition. The first thing I can say is this: the pain is almost gone. The second testimony is that I am more stable and less shaky when walking with the crotches. A week ago I could have laughed at such ‘testimonies’. These are called ‘small things’… Who bothers to observe them? They do not make the news… These improvements are easily despised by men who are strong and well. But for us, the needy people, the sick people, each improvement is gratefully acknowledged and rejoiced over. It does me good to think like this!

God is big but He chose to reveal Himself thru ‘small people, small things and small beginnings’. Waiting for the trumpet sound of a great visible breakthrough, it is easy to miss them. But the eternal Kingdom of God is like a little mustard seed. The Almighty God’s Son, Jesus Christ came to earth as a little baby. The Bible is a small book. There is no volume 2 or 3. If you cannot find God between Genesis and Revelation you have missed it!

Pride is the poison of love. God needs to humble us before we are ready to love the way Jesus loves. The beginning of a great work of God always starts with a little seed of faith that falls and is buried in the ground of hope. That seed may look lost. But once the little work begins, the God of Heaven, who sees the end from the beginning, shall bless and perfect that work.

This evening I worship the God who sees the sparrow fall, who teaches me once more how to walk like a baby. Me and my grandson Oliver we shall walk together. What an unexpected privilege… One day I shall dance dance dance… Until then I feel good that my step is stronger than yesterday. This strength came from above and I shall not despise it!

“Thank You Lord Jesus… Not only that You are good but all good things, no matter how little, come down from You! I am so grateful! To You alone be all the glory! Amen!”

All you who are sick or weak, pray to God in the name of Jesus! God does not owe us but He is the loving God! He will hear you and He will answer you! Give Him thanks for every crumb of improvement! Like me, be encouraged today!

Lia 6

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