“Dear Lia,
I have just read all your posts on Facebook; your are responding like a new bride of Christ, with a fresh anointing of the Spirit, you are right in saying that what is happening in your spirit is a miracle.

God says that we are the bride of Christ, the church, what we have been praying for has started in your heart; it is only by the will of God that ‘REVIVAL’ STARTS, it is only by his grace, and it starts in us, his bride. as i read your testimonies, i am excited to the point of tears for what God is doing. Lia, this is REVIVAL, only God knows why you have to sow in pain, but He has chosen the church and you are the vessel.but I know that you will reap a great harvest of joy. there is much that i could say, but i believe God has heard our prayers.

My prayer is that the hearts of the church will be revived and a Holy fire will ignite the world.

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