This is what Nehemiah, a slave set free by God, said to his enemies:
“The God of heaven will give us success! We His servants will start rebuilding! But as for you (my enemies) you will have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right in it!” (Neh 2:20)

God wants to bless any of His children who are willing to take the risk and go and to do ministry in His name. The first thing you must do is to accept the burden of the Lord! It comes as a strange sadness. You look around and see the damage sin has done to humanity. God does not despise a broken hearted man, especially when he is willing to be used by Him to repair or rebuild a situation.

Pray and ask God for clarity of vision. Then God’s strength, wisdom and supply shall surely come. God is very rich. God is also very generous with His resources. But He is looking for people like Nehemiah who are willing to be bold and responsible with His name, with His power, riches and glory. For as long as you excuse yourself saying: ‘God, I see the need but sent someone else’ God will not entrust you with millions. This is the truth! in the world you have to steal money to be a millionaire…But if you accept the burden and the vision of the Lord, the supply shall come at your very door, no doubt about it!

In the natural Nehemiah was a slave in captivity. He had no rights at all. But in the spiritual, he was a man of God, a champion and a true leader with a genuine vision. There are so many fake ‘leaders’ these days that people get discouraged. But please remember, God is the same; He never changes! He is the faithful God! His dealings with men are the same forever You duty is to surrender your life to God! Then see what God will do! ‘Throw the ball back’ to God!

Nehemiah is an inspiration to us, thousands of years since his death. A man may be in a prison cell, homeless and sleeping under a bridge, sick with an incurable disease in a poor village hospital, bankrupt financially, rejected by men and lonely…but if that man prays and finds God’s purpose for his life, God’s hand on him will make him successful and great. No opposition can succeed against such a man! This is Almighty God’s promise to His children!

Lastly, be encouraged! The wicked children of darkness, the doubters, the mockers, the religious fake who hate all good things and who try to discourage the true believer, they shall fall for your sake!

This is my prayer for you:
May God give you the vision of your destiny!
May you accept the burden and the responsibility for its manifestation!
May you have faith 100%!
May doubt be 0%!
May your enemies who slander you and your good work be disgraced and disappointed in the name of Jesus!
May you be fruitful, faithful, humble, diligent, focused, wise, disciplined and strong!
May God be glorified in your life!
In Jesus name, amen!

Tali 7

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