“The name of the LORD is a strong tower;
The righteous runs into it and is safe” (PV 18:10)

Today is exactly four weeks since I fell and broke my ankle. It has been quite a journey. I know that God could have prevented my fall, for He has done so all my life. But He allowed this accident to happen so that thru it all, He may be glorified!
There are so many revelations I have received since this fall. Like I said to you, God’s ways are often strange to us, human beings. His ways are different and much higher than ours. As a child of God you should be always grateful and give thanks to your Father in heaven! This should be your attitude in life!

My dear children, let me remind you of this: God is never afraid of what we call emergencies of life. He is never shaken from His throne in heaven by our crises and challenges. Jesus sympathizes with our weaknesses for as a Man He experienced all our pains. But He is never troubled by them. After our Lord went back to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit that we may live in victory just like He did. He also gave us access to the authority invested in His wonderful name. Oh, the name of Jesus…

This is my testimony: the moment I fell, I did not stop to ask any questions. I ran to hide in the power of the name of Jesus! It is not only that I called His name aloud, but my spirit ran towards the throne of mercy and grace to find help in that my time of need. Like we say in Nigeria… ‘See race…’ But if I did not know how to go there, I could have been in serious trouble. If I did not know how to seek God at the mercy seat, I could have been confused. If I did not know God’s ‘address’ I could have been captured by the devil. If I did not know how to dive into the ocean of God’s grace, I could have been shaken spiritually. I could have ended not only with a broken bone, but with a broken spirit, filled with anger at what has happened and querying God in all this. Then the devil could have rejoiced at his victory. But thank God for victory!

This is my experience: the name of Jesus was too strong for my enemy to break, too high for him to climb its walls, too hot for him to quench. I ran there as a child runs to the mother when he is afraid. And immediately I entered the strong tower of the name of Jesus, I felt safe, secure and strong. My leg was still paining me but my spirit had the victory!

This is an extremely practical lesson: It is what you do when there is peace that you can apply in times of war. Walk while you have light so that when darkness comes and the walk stops, you may be found in a good safe place. Learn to love the name of Jesus before the trouble comes! Study the Word of God and find the revelation of the power invested in the name of Jesus! This eternal deposit of holiness shall be your strength in times of trouble when no man understands and no man can help.

My children, please listen to me: If you are lost and you need salvation, if you are afraid and you need comfort, if you are lonely and you need a friend, if you are poor and you need provision, if you are single and you need a life partner, if you are barren and you need a child, if you are weak and you need help, if you are anxious and you need peace, if you are sick and you need healing, if you are confused and you need direction, if you are foolish and you need wisdom, if you are under attack and you need protection from enemies, if you need the strength of a father, the compassion of a mother and much more that all these things, go to Jesus! Run towards Jesus! Do not look back, left or right! It does not matter what men or devils say about your situation! Believe the report of The Lord! Run to Jesus! There is power in the name of Jesus! Dwell inside His name and you shall be saved!

Singing: ‘No other name like the name of Jesus… no other name like the name of my Lord… No other name like the name of Jesus.. Is worthy of glory, is worthy of honor, is worthy of power and of praise!’ Hallelujah!

run to Jesus

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