It is almost six weeks since I fell and broke my ankle. I have to stay in my room waiting for my healing testimony. This waiting period is not easy but it teaches us patience.

This evening, before going to the evening service, my husband told me something so sweet. He is very good in encouraging me with specially ‘designed from the heart’ words and actions of love. Yesterday, two sisters from the church came to him saying: ‘We miss Malia…’ Then to their surprise he said: ‘I miss Malia too’. They asked: ‘Tali, how can you say that? We have not seen Malia for many weeks but you see her every day in the house’. Then, my husband said to them: ‘I miss my wife in the church. In the past, when I preach and quote a scripture, I look to her and I see her quietly shaking her head. Then I know that I got it right and I am encouraged to preach with more power. But now… look! Her seat is empty…So, you see…I miss Malia…’

My children, may your marriage be spiritual, sweet and strong like mine! In Jesus name, amen! To God be all the glory!

(Our children, natural and spiritual call us by our ‘nick names’. My husband is Tali and they call me Malia)

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