“Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth,”

Let Israel now say—

“Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth;

Yet they have not prevailed against me…

The Lord is righteous;

He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked

Let all those who hate Zion

Be put to shame and turned back” (Ps 129:1-5)


The last sermon I preached in Saturday Class (our church’s prophetic prayer meeting) before my accident, was from Psalm 129. It is about wicked men, the children of the devil and what they do to the children of God. They are bitter oppressors and cruel tyrants. They take pleasure in hunting the children of God. They want the believers to backslide or to die untimely death. This long and wicked persecution could have ended in despair. But God sustained the victims of the oppressors just the way He sustained me. I am a living proof that God never leaves you and is with you always! Please take note: No matter how long the wicked people seem successful in this world, God will judge and punish them at last! Never envy the wicked! Never desire to eat their fancy food! At the appointed time, God will free, vindicate and promote His children. This is the law of God. Therefore be encouraged!


Today I looked at this Psalm again trying to glean fresh prophetic revelation. To my surprise, I found a wonderful new treasure in it. I translated each word from Hebrew into English. I did not have to interpret it. Just the Word of God as it is speaking to me today. Each prophetic sentence below is taken from the translation of the words in this Psalm. To each line I say Amen! If it applies to your situation then rejoice and you too say ‘Amen’!


The enemy has oppressed me, attacked me again and again, pushed me down and troubled me. He gave me cramps in my feet so that I cannot walk, in my hands so that I cannot work, in my abdomen so that I will be barren.  He has tried to limit my freedom of expression and speech; making me look foolish, like a deaf and dumb. He put me in a prison of circumstances. He has enclosed me like a broken foot inside a cast.  The enemy has suppressed my creativity, my poetic gift and my prophetic writing skill. Wicked men harassed me and attacked me without pity. They wanted me to be poor, paralyzed or even dead. BUT…


In Christ I declare:

BUT God did not abandon me to their hands. They could not prevail against me. They could not conquer my spirit. They could not become my masters. They could not become my ‘head’ or my God. With all their efforts to destroy me, they could not make me their slave or their follower. Like Mordecai who refused to bow down to Haman, an evil cursed man, I too refused to worship the devil. They tried all occult strategies against me: mental manipulation, intimidation, seduction and witchcraft. Nothing worked because God is with me and not with them!


Their flood of wickedness could not drown me. Their nails of evil could not nail me. I escaped thru the door of escape prepared for me by the Lord Himself. The Lord cut asunder their cords from me. I am free from them! Their fire was not able to burn me.  Like Shedrak, Meshach and Abednego the enemy’s fire only burnt my shackles and killed their own people. In the midst of the fire I met with the Lord, the Forth Man. We walked and we danced in the furnace of death and we did not die! The power of resurrection brought me out from the fire of destruction, without any wound and without any loss.


I cannot bless them from Zion! I cannot pray for them. I cannot ‘settle’ with them. Only God can help them. Except they truly repent, they cannot partake from the covenant blessings of the Living God! They shall be disappointed of their plans. They shall be ashamed of themselves and of their so called useless ‘god’. They shall become the tail and not the head. They shall be barren and confused. It is a pity but the very Word of God is against them.


But as for me and my family, we shall serve the Living God! I and my children we are for signs and wonders in Zion! We are free! This is my testimony! This is my song! Now, let’s worship the Lord!!!!

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