“Be wise my son and make me happy that I may answer him who insults me” (PV 27:11)

This is the wish of any parent, that their children behave wisely. It is also the wish of God the Father, that His children be wise. As a Man, Jesus Christ was an obedient Son even unto death. His humility, faithfulness and obedience gave glory to God the Father who ‘trained and raised’ Him. This glory is an eternal rebuke to the devil and his rebellious children.

We too must be like Jesus! Child of God, you should know that your obedience brings glory to God! Your wisdom, your choice of words and actions, makes God happy. God uses your faithfulness as a weapon against the devil who ‘insults’ Him.

Wisdom is the skill to practically apply the Word of God in your daily life. First of all you need to study the Word of God until it becomes part of you. Then you need to apply what you know until the Word performs in your life. You need to have a testimony of wisdom. More than wealth and beauty, you need godly wisdom! Foolishness is a curse. Ignorance is shameful.

Wisdom makes you a leader in the kingdom of God. Wisdom will reward you! Wisdom makes God happy! Let it be your life time holy ambition to be a wise person!

Let’s pray: ‘Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive me for ignoring Your Word. Help me to love Your Word. Help me to be wise. All to Your glory! In Jesus name I pray, amen!’

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