“Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honor is humility” (PV 18:12)


About nine weeks ago I fell and broke my ankle. I am now slowly learning to walk again. It has been a trying time for the flesh. But the spiritual lessons I learned in the fire are priceless. One thing is clear to me: God permitted this painful trial so that He can humble me. I cannot remain proud while walking with crutches. This is my testimony: when my foot got broken, my pride died too. In the past, I often preached against pride. I said that a proud man does not see himself as proud. I too did not see myself as proud. But, the heart is deceitful. God who knows all things knew that I was proud and needed deliverance. God chose this way to humble me. He is the Potter and I am the clay. God has the right to break and remold me, His vessel. I am grateful that God is interested in me. Pain or no pain, God treats me as His child and I can see that He remolds me for His glory and for my good. Hallelujah!


Look at the scripture above. It was written for me for such a time as this. In Hebrew, the word ‘destruction’ means affliction, hurt or pain because of a broken foot!!! It also means the pain of labor that brings forth children. The word ‘heart’ means the center of everything: the mind, feelings, understanding, wisdom and courage. The word ‘honor’ means the weight of God’s glory. This glory manifests as the power to prevail against any obstacle producing riches, fame and supernatural promotion. These are the marks of holy royalty, the seal of God’s true children. Humility means to become submissive, poor and depressed because of suffering. A humble man has destroyed the power of pride and rebellion.


This is the revelation of the scripture to me: God wants to honor and promote me. I am His child and His servant. He wants to manifest His glory in my life. But there was pride in my heart. That pride could have destroyed me when the promotion came. God had no option than to humble me. My heart needed to bow down in humility before the throne of God. No man could have humbled me. Only God can do this miracle of deliverance. So God allowed the devil to attack me and I fell. I broke my leg. This painful process humbled me ‘by force’. I am not talking of religious false humility, when you are proud because you are ‘humble’. I am talking about the deep work of the Holy Spirit in my heart that will last forever. God despises many things but He promised not to despise a broken humble and contrite heart. Like Jacob who fought with the Angel, he came out from that encounter walking with a limp. But his name was changed to become Israel, ‘Prince with God’. As an old man, he entered rest, leaning on his staff to worship God freely.


The way I see it, I am now positioned before God for a royal promotion that will bring glory to Him. My anointing and fruitfulness in ministry shall increase. This promotion is not stolen from anybody. It comes directly from heaven, from the God who kills and makes alive! If you pay the price for it, you shall have it too! ‘No wahala’ (Nigerian slang saying that there is no need to argue…). My enemies will have no other option than to give glory to God for my life. This is the royal way of the Cross. God promised to give ‘favor to the humble’ (Jam 4:6).


Dear children and friends, please rejoice with me! This favor I see is more than my mouth can tell. All glory and honor and riches and glory be to the Lamb who seats on the throne! Forever and ever, amen!

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